More than £7000 in charitable donations has been raised for SkillForce during this year’s London Marathon, which will help support the delivery of our programmes in schools to transform young lives.

Running for SkillForce were Mary Hennessy and Ben Frost of Gordon Dadds, partner of the SkillForce Your Future Programme, Rob Connelly and Ben Player of Archbishop Sancroft High School in Norfolk, and Peter Gore of the Derbyshire Police Force.

Ben Slade, Chief Executive of SkillForce said, “It is terrific that this incredible group of people decided to run for SkillForce in this year’s London Marathon. On behalf of the young people and veterans we work with I thank you and salute you for your efforts. As someone who struggles to run a bath without getting out of breath, this level of commitment is inspiring!”

Ben Frost of Gordon Dadds battled illness in the week leading up to the race, but showed great resilience in completing the marathon. He comments, “I raised money for SkillForce because I have seen first-hand some of the excellent work they do with kids and have been part of the workshops here at Gordon Dadds. I also like the fact that we are helping children here in London gain the skills to improve their lives. The experience was amazing, everyone was cheering everyone on and I filled up with jelly babies being handed out by half way! It really brings London together, so glad I took part and I was delighted to finish as I nearly pulled out through illness.”

Mary Hennessy, also from Gordon Dadds, who achieved an impressive finish time of 3:48:24 says, “It was a brilliant day. It will be a memory I treasure forever and running for a good cause made it all worthwhile! I was really pleased with my time and it definitely helped having amazing crowds all the way around. Seeing the SkillForce team just before mile 25 along the Embankment really helped me along the last little bit. My legs and feet are in one piece (just about), although I don’t want to see another Jelly Baby for a long time!”

Peter Gore of the Derbyshire Police Force, who has overcome injury to return to running, was a late addition to Team SkillForce and achieved a phenomenal finish time of 3hrs 38min. He comments, “I run with a dynamic hip screw and other metal implants from a nasty cycling accident five years ago which nearly ended it all. I feel it every day leaving physical and mental scars, but everything is possible. I feel blessed to be surrounded by supporters, friends, family and the opportunities like SkillForce give me to help others. Nothing should stop or cease the will to achieve.”

Ben Player and Rob Connelly of Archbishop Sancroft High School raised over £4000 by running the marathon for SkillForce. Rob comments, “Ben and I had an amazing experience running the marathon and loved (almost!) every moment of it! Although challenging, the London marathon is an incredible event that brings so many different people together, all with their own story and reason for running. The event itself and the relentless encouragement and cheering from members of the public serves to restore faith in our brilliant community.”

He continues, “We are delighted to have raised over £4000 (including gift aid) to support the work of SkillForce. We both have experience of working with SkillForce and have witnessed the impact their work has on young people; developing confidence, leadership skills and resilience. All of which are crucial characteristics to support individual success.”

SkillForce Ambassador Vassos Alexander also ran the London Marathon and achieved an inspirational time of 2hrs 59min. Vassos is also champion of our SkillForce Young Runners programme, which is working with schools and communities to help children enjoy running and improve their wellbeing.

If you are feeling inspired by Team SkillForce’s achievements and want to run the 2017 Marathon or participate in any other event for SkillForce, then get in touch with slot online.