To help the young people we work with to be the best they can be, we have a team of people who challenge themselves, and each other, to achieve our aims and objectives.

Our team is broadly split into three parts:

Instructors & delivery team

Instructor are the life-blood of the organisation. They could be delivering the Prince William Award programme one day, out with other instructor colleagues on an overnight residential expedition with students the next and then catching up with programme administration, organising your delivery kit or checking on student progress the next! The role of instructor truly is a varied and fulfilling one but it requires hard work, commitment and passion.

Business support team (Central Services)

As with most organisations, SkillForce has a number of colleagues in various departments within its Central Services function that support the operational running of the Charity at its office in Nottinghamshire. Departments include; operations and business development, business support, fundraising, marketing and communications, finance, HR, IT and projects.

Executive team

We have a variety of management and leadership roles within the Charity; from area based managers and regional business development managers to Central Services based roles.

Leading the operational side of the organisation is our Executive Team.